Milkywire is a Stockholm-based tech startup that aims to take charity to the next level through digital innovation. It’s a platform enabling individuals and companies to support impactful grassroots organizations worldwide and get updates about their donations directly from the people in the field.

Commonly for startups, the company has faced difficulties hiring local tech talent to support their ambitious growth targets. Hence, Milkywire approached Beetroot to help them add a full-stack software developer to their team as soon as possible.

Some of the main reasons for choosing Beetroot among several Swedish companies they shortlisted were cultural alignment, geo proximity, and the no-hassle, easy-to-integrate nature of the Dedicated Team collaboration model.

  • Milkywire, a tech startup connecting people and companies with impactful grassroots NGOs, approached Beetroot to solve the local talent shortage problem that prevented them from scaling faster.
  • Beetroot helped the client facilitate the recruiting process and set up smooth and effective remote teamwork. The company started with adding 1 nearshore developer to the team, having an ongoing recruiting process aligned with the project’s growth.
  • A dedicated team steadily delivers high-quality results, enabling the client to achieve their bold development objectives.

With the dedicated team model in which Beetroot technically employs developers, but they are full-time involved in our project, we can stay tight-knit as a team, which is critical for us. It’s important for us to avoid the clash of cultures in how people approach work. It’s also nice that Beetroot is involved in helping to make a positive change in the Ukrainian job market. So we feel aligned at having a good purpose as a company, which is great.

Daniel Lundin CTO at Milkywire


Milkywire began by adding one dedicated developer to the team. Beetroot’s HR specialists ensured a fast recruitment process and promptly adjusted the course per the client’s requests.

Due to deliberate onboarding, the developer integrated with Milkywire’s in-house team quickly enough. As a software engineering generalist, he takes up various tasks both on the front-end and back-end sides of the Milkywire web and mobile apps.

After several months of successful cooperation, the client is looking further to expand the dedicated team of developers with Beetroot.


Beetroot was very responsive we’re almost overwhelmed with the number of interviews at the beginning, it was really nice. However, I think the initial brief was rather vague as we were looking to build up some “development muscles” rather than solve a specific problem. So we needed to make some adjustments along the course of interviews, and Beetroot was catching it up and fine-tuning the process pretty quickly.

Daniel Lundin CTO at Milkywire


One of Milkywire’s main requirements was a fast recruitment service. As opposed to a challenging 3 month notice period that most employers have to deal with when hiring talent in Sweden, the collaboration with Beetroot enabled the client to cut the recruitment time frame to just 2-3 weeks.

Product-wise, Milkywire sees a significant boost in both the volume and speed of the project deliverables in line with their ambitious growth goals. Moreover, with responsive HR support and ongoing maintenance on the Beetroot side, the company feels confident about a further extension of the dedicated team in Ukraine.


Now is a great time for the charity industry as businesses worldwide are becoming more sustainability-focused. Increasing Milkywire’s real, anti-greenwashing impact is one of our major challenges. We want to scale up, and we feel that with Beetroot, we can do it pretty fast.

Daniel Lundin CTO at Milkywire

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