Beetroot was approached by one of the fastest-growing travel technology companies in Europe and North America, with offices in Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Spain, and the USA. They support the airline, railway, bus, and ferry operators with various services and applications.

At some point, they realized they needed a more flexible working model to stay competitive. They wanted to scale up and down quickly at an affordable price, maintaining high-quality software development.

  • Beetroot built a team of 15 experts
  • Helped client move to AWS, decreasing their costs and improving the server’s stability
  • Updated an old e-commerce platform, doubling the revenue stream

They were absolutely crucial to our work and made a difference in every department they staffed.

COO at the travel technology company


At the beginning of the cooperation, the client described the type of resources they needed in terms of knowledge and cultural fit. The Beetroot HR team then provided them with potential candidates, who were screened and interviewed by the client’s representatives. Having precise requirements helped Beetroot to quickly find appropriate candidates.

The dedicated team was proactive and adaptive, utilizing different commercial models. Communication was arranged via Jira, Slack, and GitHub accompanied by regular face-to-face meetings.


This team has proven to be the best team I’ve ever worked with. It is characterized by very strong technical knowledge, understanding of business objectives and commercial output, the willingness to ALWAYS get the job done and walk the extra mile if needed, the ability to work independently without much guidance and fully owing a task or project, the willingness to learn new technologies and industries, to manage the balance when old projects must be maintained and new ones are to be developed.

COO at the travel technology company


After beginning the cooperation, Beetroot contributed greatly to the client’s growth and development in significant ways. These include:

  • Beetroot developers helping the client to move to AWS, decreasing their costs and increasing their server’s stability.
  • The dedicated team updating an old e-commerce platform, doubling the revenue stream.
  • Beetroot managing a complete sales and reservation platform that now represents millions of dollars in revenue.

Working with Beetroot has been a true pleasure. They have a great mixture of an entrepreneurial mindset and true professionalism. With Beetroot’s help, we built the right team, which fit seamlessly to our in-house culture. The overall hiring process was very fast. Having excellent facilities all over Ukraine, Beetroot delivered prominent results and came up with a cost-competitive offer. I can strongly recommend Beetroot to anyone who looks for great talent and wants to get the job done, regardless of whether you need a dedicated team or some extra help on a single project.

COO at the travel technology company

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