Beetroot report Ukraine IT market and talent overview 2023

Ukraine: The Stronghold of Great Devs

2023 Tech and Talent Market Overview

Explore the current state of the Ukrainian IT industry with the 2nd edition of Beetroot’s Tech Market Report. Learn how the tech ecosystem has adapted and evolved in the reality of war. Discover the tech talent pool and market dynamics to make informed decisions about partnering with Ukrainian teams.

Ukraine Tech Market Highlights

  • 272,000

    registered private IT entrepreneurs as of 2023

  • #3 in Europe

    by technology proficiency score

  • $7.35 billion

    IT services export volume in 2022

  • 45.4%

    share of IT in total service exports

  • 7 active unicorns

    2 confirmed status during the war; ~15 are on the way

  • 96%

    of contracts maintained after the full-scale invasion

  • 300+

    DefenseTech startups emerged in 2022-2023

  • $6.5-$17 billion

    share of the IT sector in Ukraine’s GDP by 2024

Dive into this report for a more comprehensive insight into:

  • The role of the IT sector in the economy of Ukraine pre-and during the war: the service exports volume, distribution, and current trajectory

  • The state of the tech ecosystem: challenges, the startup scene, IT hubs, emerging wartime technologies, and state-level digitalization benchmarks and goals

  • Overview of the Ukrainian tech talent pool: key demographic details, skills, and qualification

  • Talent quality enhancement: IT education and the role of private IT schools, gender balance in the Ukrainian Tech

  • The cost of hiring dedicated Ukrainian developers and the impact of relocation and emigration on the talent pool

  • Ukraine’s IT market outlook: priorities, recovery, and current achievements

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