While Green Tech software has been a hot subject, no pun intended, for a couple of decades, it’s recently surged to the forefront of tech innovation to solve issues without other viable solutions, boding well for the future of renewable, sustainable energy. 

Clean, sustainable energy, supported by CleanTech, also known as GreenTech, boomed in 2020 following the post-pandemic surge in oil prices and the war in Ukraine. In 2022, many emerging markets increased their reliance on clean energy, a trend set to continue. 

Governments and independent organizations are increasingly more supportive of GreenTech innovations that monitor industrial carbon emissions and other factors, prompting a boom of startups to develop GreenTech IT solutions that achieve sustainable modifications to business processes. 

The most significant trend in CleanTech is the integration of renewable energy solutions. Innovations in CleanTech/GreenTech enable the mass production of clean energy while minimizing energy wastage and expenses. 

Benefits of GreenTech, aka CleanTech

Innovations in the GreenTech field, also known as CleanTech, enable processes, products, and services with lower environmental impact than other previously established solutions are capable of providing. 

CleanTech Innovation Trends Moving Forward

Businesses in the GreenTech sector invest heavily in innovation, especially companies aspiring to pioneer the market. The following are the most popular trends we’ll see gaining traction as the clean, sustainable energy tech boom expands. 

  • Low-Carbon Technologies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Consumption Management
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)
  • Green Materials 

Examples of Cutting-Edge CleanTech Software Solutions

Top Green Tech Startups to Invest In

Persefoni: Carbon-Accounting GreenTech Software Platform 

Persefoni enables companies and financial institutions to meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure requirements and requests with automated carbon accounting and financial disclosures. 

Beetroot has ongoing cooperation with a similar startup, Normative. Normative helps large companies analyze and calculate sustainability-related data, including CO2 emissions, water, and chemical usage, social responsibility, and more. Normative’s initial codebase needed to be upgraded to handle vast amounts of data, and they were recommended to approach Beetroot. We helped them improve and develop their website back-end, and we’re still working together today.

Libelium: IoT Green Energy Software Products for Water Management

Libelium One is the best device for water management in industrial, agricultural, and Smart Cities environments. Libelium offers a catalog of IoT Green Tech software solutions for Smart Environment, Smart Agriculture, Smart Water, and Air & Noise Monitoring. If you need clean energy software that isn’t in their catalog, Libelium will create a custom SaaS solution that fits your needs.  

Trace Genomics: Green Energy Technology for Soil Insights Via Genomics and ML

Trace Genomics uses advanced genomics, unmatched data analysis, and built-in product solutions to translate data into actionable insights regarding soil composition: the biology, physical properties, and chemistry of soil composition. 

WillDooIT: All-in-One Sustainable Energy ERP Software Solution for Renewable Energy Retail and Supplier Enterprises

WillDooIT is a scalable, cloud-based ERP software solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) for managing company operations in the renewable energy sector. WillDoo Renewables covers all areas of operations with a suite of highly integrated applications, including sales, inventory, accounting, payroll, HR, marketing, and supply chain management.

IQHi: Green Tech Software for Data Intelligence in Energy Storage  

IQHi creates advanced data analytics tool sets for gaining in-depth insights from energy storage system operational data, fully leveraging the potential of battery operational and historical data to drive business growth. 

GreenTech IT Solutions Trends 2023

Earth Knowledge: A Sustainable Green Energy Technology Used by 80% of Countries for Data Insights on Environmental Risk 

Earth Knowledge has gathered data for the last 40 years in the hundreds of petabytes (one petabyte = one million gigabytes) related to the natural world and society. Earth Knowledge provides world-class insights on environmental risk through their Integrated Planetary Intelligence Platform, a business intelligence hub used by 80% of countries and now offered to corporate and financial services to build resilient, sustainable, profitable futures. 

Soluna Computing: Green Energy Tech Data Centers to Buy and Sell Excess Renewable Energy for Batchable Computing Power

Up to 30% of renewable energy produced by solar and wind farms is wasted. Soluna Computing buys excess energy from power plants that would’ve otherwise been lost to power small-footprint data centers focused on batchable processes such as mining cryptocurrency and machine learning.  

Ubiquitous Energy: Photovoltaic Window Coatings to Generate Sustainable Energy 

Ubiquitous Energy has a solution for the eye-sore that large solar and wind farms can be. Their UE Power™green energy technology uses solar energy from glass surfaces, harvesting infrared and ultraviolet light to generate power. They’ve also solved the low production issues with transparent solar cells, achieving a world record of up to 10% efficiency. 

Dandelion Energy: Sustainable Energy Via Geothermal Drilling Uses Earth’s Temperature to Heat and Cool Your Home or Business 

Dandelion Energy transitions homeowners from fossil-fueled heating and cooling to their custom system that harnesses Earth’s temperature to heat and cool your home. Advantages include lower energy costs, improved indoor air quality, and reduced risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It also allows homeowners to go off power grids and become self-reliant on home heating and cooling. 

SparkCharge: Green Energy Tech to Charge EV On-Demand 

SparkCharge set out with a lofty goal they’ve achieved in two ways that solve the issue of electric vehicles running out of juice at inconvenient times or locations without access to charging stations. In addition to their ChargeUp mobile application that provides EV charging on-demand that comes to your location like an Uber driver for as low as $25 a month, SparkCharge also produces portable charging stations you can take with you.

You may have seen SparkCharge on SharkTank. They also partner with roadside assistance providers like Allstate and Urgently. 

Factors to Consider When Scaling Up

It’s common for companies in the startup and growth stages to run into issues when scaling their teams up to meet demand. The most significant hurdle for companies in the GreenTech industry, or CleanTech, as well as most tech fields, is sourcing high-quality talent, getting them onboarded, and quickly integrated into your team. 

Startups and smaller-sized companies must compete with everyone else to source top talent. When you’re just starting as a company, hiring top talent can be incredibly difficult when huge companies with outrageous compensation packages are courting the software developers and other tech professionals you need.

Benefits of the Dedicated Team Model 

One of the best ways for startups and other companies to hire in-demand tech professionals is to partner with a dedicated team provider, such as Beetroot. 

For companies scaling up their development teams, Beetroot offers a novel solution for acquiring curated tech talent at the top of their field through the Dedicated Team Model. An easy, accessible option for hiring software developers with expert knowledge and experience working with various tech stacks/whatever tech stack you need and other tech professionals that are vetted through Beetroot’s vigorous acceptance criteria. 

The backbone of Beetroot’s Dedicated Team Model is our tech consultancy and solutions portfolio. We handle the sourcing, hiring, training, and all administrative processes related to hiring new IT professionals, helping your company scale up your development team and business operations in weeks, not months.

Last but not least, green tech software solutions is one of our focus domains as an impact-driven company. So by partnering with Beetroot, environmental companies and green tech startups can ensure cultural and value alignment for enhanced productivity and cooperation.

Find out how we can help extend your tech team for sustainable growth.

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