Dedicated team

Beetroot AB has supplied software developers to a technology startup to build the foundation of their SaaS co-living platform.

  • MongoDB
  • Python


  • Client background

    Coly is a Sweden-based SaaS and technology company developing a shared living industry platform. The company targets co-living segments such as student housing, senior housing, and other marketplaces. Their software functions as a matching engine, allowing users to find compatible roommates. Users receive a psychometric test, which is transformed into a profile to share with landlords. Then, the platform uses the tenants’ data to identify a compatible group of potential roommates and matches them together.

    As a startup, the company didn’t have the resources to employ the development staff locally to build their product. The Client wanted to engage a local development partner who could offer them a hybrid model with local and offshore staff.

  • Cooperation recap

    • Coly discovered Beetroot AB through a trusted referral. After obtaining a reference, they moved forward with the engagement.
    • After meeting with Beetroot AB to explain the exact requirements, the Client obtained several candidates matching their criteria. Once the development team was set up, they assisted in building the software product, a tenant matching engine.
    • Following the cooperation with the first two developers, the Client engaged one more specialist through Beetroot AB.


The Client engaged Beetroot AB to supply them with software developers. First, they outlined the requirements for each candidate — initially, they planned to onboard one senior and one medium–junior developer to build the team’s foundation.

After studying the exact requirements (core competencies, years of experience, and desired skill sets), Beetroot shortlisted the best matching candidates for the Client. Then, two interviews followed to test their competencies and choose the team of developers. Afterward, these developers helped the Client build their product — a software platform allowing landlords to better understand their tenants and match compatible roommates.

The team consists of three developers: after hiring the first two candidates, the Client eventually decided to engage one more specialist through Beetroot AB.


Beetroot AB has identified qualified, suitable candidates for the Client’s needs. Despite facing some unforeseen challenges, the dedicated team has delivered high-quality work and met the Client’s expectations. They’ve executed a smooth workflow and open communication process.

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  • We’ve worked with several different agencies, and Beetroot AB has stood out. They’ve acted on our requests with minimal back and forth; their speed and efficiency have set them apart from competitors.

    Filip Klementsson,
    Co-Founder & CPO of Coly

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