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Hydrogen Pro, a pioneer in the climate tech equipment industry, collaborated with Beetroot AB to innovate their equipment manufacturing processes. The outcome? A Django system that’s an AI-powered solution for greentech, amplifying traceability in their green hydrogen equipment production.

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  • Client Background

    Hydrogen Pro, a leading ClimateTech company, aimed to streamline its manufacturing processes in its China-based factories. With a workforce of over 150 employees and counting, the need for custom manufacturing automation was evident. After detailing their specific needs, Hydrogen Pro collaborated with Beetroot AB’s adept team to design a solution that not only catered to their immediate needs but also paved the way for global integration.

    The Hydrogen Pro team faced several challenges:

    • Absence of a centralized equipment tracking system to monitor equipment and validate production processes.
    • Catering to a diverse workforce, including Chinese production workers and European supervisors.
    • High safety and quality control standards due to the intricate nature of electrolyzers.
  • Cooperation Recap

    • Hydrogen Pro lacked a centralized, efficient system for managing its manufacturing processes.
    • Beetroot AB developed a custom-built, Django-based production data system. The system’s primary function is to store certification for all raw materials, and it employs an AI motor for automated traceability in documentation.
    • While the development phase is complete, Beetroot AB continues to provide maintenance services. Hydrogen Pro is considering further collaboration for mobile application integration to achieve global system integration.


Beetroot AB’s comprehensive solution was a collaborative effort that began with a detailed discussion of Hydrogen Pro’s needs in the green energy sector. The solution involved several key components:

Initial Engagement: Hydrogen Pro initiated the project by outlining their specific needs. Beetroot AB responded by engaging their developers and consultants to understand the vision for the platform. This collaborative approach ensured that the system was tailored to meet Hydrogen Pro’s unique requirements.

Production Data System: The team built a custom Django-based production data system from scratch. The system’s primary function is to store certification for all raw materials used in the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring quality and compliance.

AI-Powered Traceability: The system employs an AI motor to automatically identify and trace documentation. This feature connects the documentation directly to the production process, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.

When we got to work on this project, the manufacturing process was already in motion. However, the team there was sort of blindfolded since they didn’t have a system to track the equipment elements, validate production processes, document and analyze data properly, and do other operations.

Vitalii Huliai,
Tech Lead at Beetroot


The impact of Beetroot’s dedicated team on Hydrogen Pro’s operation has been overwhelmingly positive, marking it as a true success story in the ClimateTech and green energy sectors. Here are some key highlights:

Customer Satisfaction: Both Hydrogen Pro and their customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the project. Beetroot AB’s high-quality product has excellently fulfilled the customer’s needs, reinforcing the project’s success.

Traceability and Data Integrity: From day one, the system’s traceability features have been fully operational. Importantly, no data has been lost during production, ensuring a seamless and reliable operational flow.

Project Management Excellence: Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown in China, Beetroot AB’s project management has been exceptional. They maintained a high pace of development without compromising on quality or losing any data.

Budget Management: While the project did overrun the initial budget, the quality of the deliverables and the circumstances justified the additional expenditure. Hydrogen Pro appreciated Beetroot’s general adherence to budget constraints.

Responsive Support: The client acknowledged the dedicated team’s rapid response time, especially when issues arise during production. This quick turnaround has been crucial in maintaining the high efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

By focusing on these key areas, our team has not only delivered a robust, AI-powered factory management system but also built a strong, ongoing relationship with Hydrogen Pro.

What our clients say

  • Our group and customers are very pleased with the project; it’s a success story. Beetroot AB has delivered a high-quality product and excellently fulfilled the customer’s needs. The traceability has succeeded from day one, and we haven’t lost any data during production.

    Client's Representative
    (quote from the Clutch review)

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