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Helping an automotive project build a high-retention team of data operators.


  • Client background is a Swedish database of cars and related information, including previous owners, mileage, etc. The company’s founders previously founded and built Prisjakt – a market-leading price comparison site in Sweden – and had experience with offshore teams in Poland when approaching Beetroot.

    They needed help with data management – collection and annotation – and knew that they couldn’t viably build such an organization in Sweden.

  • Cooperation recap

    • Beetroot helped build a high-retention team of data operators
    • Significantly reduced costs of recruiting and keeping a team of this character for


Beetroot helped build and scale a team in Poltava, a mid-sized Ukrainian city. Aside from being a financially smart solution, have also been more able to retain their teams over time as a result of Beetroot’s particularly established employer brand in Poltava.

Results has been able to keep team costs down, while also scaling a tailored team of data operators with a good work ethic and morale. Over the years, they have been able to achieve high team retention, which in turn has increased the quality of data.

  • Cost-effective, reliable data management to strengthen’s market position
  • Increased quality of data over time, due to strong team retention and growing seniority levels

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  • We would like to recommend other tech-companies to contact Beetroot and see what they can offer. The combination of getting well-skilled employees to a lower cost for the company has been a good deal for

    Jonas Bonde,
    Co-Founder at

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