Prokit is a blogging platform for athletes that brings together the best expertise in training, nutrition, and gear. Apart from content, the company nurtures a community of like-minded athletes that inspire, motivate, and support each other.

Prokit founders turned to the Beetroot WordPress team to develop MVC for their project.

  • Beetroot WordPress team built Prokit MVC
  • The company also developed a universal blogging platform
  • The team spent 800 hours on the project development


The main challenge here was dealing with the complexity of the project, adapting WordPress to the specificities of the platform, and working with AWS. WordPress team spent 335 hours on MVC development. Additionally, the team keeps releasing new features, so the total time spent on the project is approaching 800 hours.


We cooperated with Beetroot during the past year, and now our current site is built using a combination of WordPress, BuddyPress, and some custom Front-end work. Beetroot has been a valuable and responsive partner in getting us off the ground.

CEO & Founder of Prokit


Despite the challenges of working with a startup, Beetroot helped Prokit with a wide range of technical features. Some of them include: custom illustrated map, integration with BuddyPress, Gutenberg as a Frontend editor, UI made using Vue.js, AWS (Beanstalk, S3, RDS, SES, Lambda), AWS Lambda functions for uploaded image optimization.

The developed features allowed users to share knowledge within the community and collaborate using chat and other functions.


We came to Beetroot with initial designs and they have partnered closely with us as we evolved our platform’s functionality. The Beetroot team worked on different parts of the project: from building social networking and publishing functionality to evolving the search experience and integrating a custom event database

CEO & Founder of Prokit