Gigital is a Stockholm-based tech startup that aims to enable artists and the music industry in the Nordics and beyond. It’s a platform for easy and transparent booking of DJ & Live Music services.

As an emerging company, Gigital has stumbled upon a local tech talent shortage that prevented them from scaling their product offerings and reaching new audiences. Hence, the company approached Beetroot to help them augment their team with a front-end developer that would join on a long-term basis and accelerate their growth.

The company decided to collaborate with Beetroot based on the recommendations by investors and partners that previously worked with Beetroot.

  • Gigital, a marketplace for booking DJ & Live Music, approached Beetroot to solve the local talent shortage problem to enable the company to accelerate its product offers and improve customer experience.
  • Beetroot helped the client hire a high-skilled Front-End Developer and set up smooth and effective remote teamwork. Gigital has started by recruiting 1 nearshore developer to their tech team.
  • The dedicated team steadily delivers high-quality results, enabling the client to achieve their product scaling targets.

We had a kick-off meeting and got to know each other. After that, we felt that we were in safe hands, and the recruitment process started where they would present candidates to us, and we would try and schedule interviews with the candidates.

Givar Shabani Co-Founder & CEO of Gigital


Gigital’s initial goal was to hire one dedicated developer. The HR experts at Beetroot ensured a fast and smooth recruitment process, resulting in hiring a front-end developer after just a couple of interviews and case studies for the candidates.

The developer has quickly integrated with Gigital’s in-house team through our deliberate onboarding process. The client has been most delighted by the collaboration since then.


The entire interviewing and screening process was one of the best I’ve ever had. Beetroot worked tirelessly in presenting us with great candidates, and the communication was amazing. Everyone from their team that was in touch with us was super friendly and communicative. We ended up hiring the perfect person for our company which was the only goal for the recruitment.

Givar Shabani Co-Founder & CEO of Gigital

At Gigital, I love our team in the first place. They are precisely the kind of people I look forward to starting every workday with. And the project is fantastic as well: it feels great to be engaged in a product that helps organize events and makes many people’s lives easier.

Nellia S. Front-End Developer at Gigital


Gigital’s primary requirement was a quick recruitment process aligned with their team sustainability mindset. As opposed to challenges associated with hiring talent in Sweden, the cooperation with Beetroot enabled the client to find the right person within a couple of screening rounds and cut the hiring timeline to just 2-3 weeks.

The team extension enabled the client to boost the volume and speed of the project deliverables considerably. In addition, our responsive HR support and ongoing maintenance make Gigital feel confident about using Beetroot’s services for further expansion.

“I’ve never encountered a company in any field who has customer service down as they do. Honestly, we ourselves try to strive to become more Beetrooty in our customer service.

Givar Shabani | Gigital
Givar Shabani
Co-Founder & CEO of Gigital

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