GRB Project is a Ukrainian project that promotes gender equality through the effective allocation of public funds. GRB brings together two practices that are not commonly associated with each other: gender equality efforts and public finance management.

Previously, they had a website on Bitrix but wanted to develop a new one, with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main goal was to deliver the main idea and prerequisites for the GRB Implementation.

  • Beetroot WordPress Unit has helped realize the idea from scratch
  • The firm helped GRB with the presentation of their mission — bringing together gender equality efforts and public finance management — with a modern multi-language website
  • The team spent 140 hours on this project


Beetroot WordPress unit spent 140 hours developing a new website from scratch. The main challenge here was the low technical competency of the client. Therefore, the Beetroot team created a beginner’s guide for working with the WordPress dashboard.


The new site helps delivering the message about gender equal budgeting and encourages better interaction with the audience. Using the new website, the GRB team was able to increase the number of new students for their fourth school of GRB coaches successfully. In addition, the number of GRB activities and initiatives increased respectively, which is evident using the new website.