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Dedicated team

Provided a team of dedicated developers and consulting services for a company building a SaaS digital assessment platform.

  • AWS
  • Java
  • React


  • Client background

    Inspera AS develops and provides an end-to-end SaaS platform that helps set up, offer, execute, mark, and evaluate digital assessments. The company is based in Norway, with global offices in Scotland and other countries.

    Inspera’s decision to partner with Beetroot AB was driven by the need to expand its talent pool for long- and short-term projects and optimize costs. Finding the necessary engineers and QA testers in the countries where they had offices had proven challenging, and the recruitment often took longer than desired.

  • Cooperation recap

    • Beetroot provided dedicated AWS, Java, and React developers, QA testers, and temporary consultants to support the Client’s projects, offering two different service models: staff augmentation and consulting services.
    • The recruitment success rate was high, as Beetroot AB has found top-notch developers within a few months, ensuring the new teammates have the necessary skills.
    • Their dedicated team members have worked competently within the Client’s management system and are committed to providing outstanding service.


The Client works closely with Beetroot AB through an HR representative, an Account Manager, and a dedicated support person for their consulting projects.

Under the staff augmentation model, Beetroot provided a team of eight front- and backend developers with expertise in AWS, Java, and React, along with two QA testers focusing on manual testing. Beetroot took care of the candidates’ initial onboarding, ensuring they were well-versed in their roles and responsibilities. The Client handled their integration into the company’s systems and day-to-day workflows. Beetroot AB has also provided the hardware and equipment necessary to start remote work and manages the employees’ payroll and other HR-related aspects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for the Client.

As for the tech consultancy, the Client needed temporary support with some projects. Beetroot provides consultants from their in-house team or through collaborations with third parties from their partner network; they’ve also put together end-to-end teams with a project manager and developers to deliver on a set of specifications.

The Client’s team hands the specifications to Beetroot AB, and they build on specifications in an isolated development hub. Beetroot AB has handled projects end-to-end, including the infrastructure, development, and setting up operations.


While some hires were less successful than others, Beetroot AB’s candidates’ success rate in skills and quality of work is on par with what the Client’s achieved locally. The recruitment speed has even been quicker, as Beetroot typically has someone online and ready to go a couple of months after the Client makes a request, whereas it can take between six months to a year to hire someone in Norway or Scotland.

What our clients say

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  • One of the main things that attracted us to Beetroot AB was their operating model. In this model, they would handle all the practical aspects, but once the person was hired, they would be practically our employees. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a pure consultancy model but a dedicated team model where people could feel a connection to our company.

    Hans Fredrik Unelsrød,
    CTO at Inspera AS

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