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Beetroot AB recognized as one of the world’s most freedom-centered workplaces

Stockholm, Kyiv – Swedish-Ukrainian Beetroot AB became the first company operating in Ukraine to make it to the list of the most democratic workplaces globally. 33 organizations, that have built workplace…

Stockholm, Kyiv – Swedish-Ukrainian Beetroot AB became the first company operating in Ukraine to make it to the list of the most democratic workplaces globally. 33 organizations, that have built workplace culture people love, received the 13th annual WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Cultures Award. The honor recognizes companies across the world that have prospered financially by building workplace cultures on the principles of organizational democracy.


Each company went through a rigorous assessment process including employee surveys, evaluating the overall design of the organization. WorldBlu identified organizations whose systems and processes are substantially democratic, rather than rigidly hierarchical. Certified companies demonstrated a high-standard practice of organizational democracy at an individual, leadership, systems and processes levels.

We are honored to receive this certification and to become the first company from both Ukraine and Sweden that makes the list, together with other businesses that have been recognized as some of the world’s most innovative. Beetroot is a flat, non-hierarchical organization built around an important social mission, which can be described as gathering great people, doing truly good things and contributing to positive change in society. We have always worked under the assumption that trust enables organic growth of freedom-centered culture”, states Andreas Flodstom, co-founder and CEO of Beetroot.

Thirty-three organizations from around the world were named this year by WorldBlu, up from 20 in 2018. All in all, nearly 200 companies across scores of industries have received the award, which certifies them as sustainable democratic workplaces according to WorldBlu’s 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy.

Employees want workplace cultures where they have freedom with accountability rather than an environment of fear and control,” notes WorldBlu Founder and CEO Traci Fenton. “These organizations are delivering a freedom-centered culture people love and deserve to be recognized for it.

According to WorldBlu data democratic workplaces don’t just make for happier employees – they have healthier bottom lines as well. WorldBlu-certified companies averaged 103% revenue growth compared to only 15% among S&P 500 companies.

This year’s awardees exemplify some innovative democratic organizational structures insuring transparency, dialogue and listening, integrity, accountability and choice on. One of the examples of such structures is Beetroot practice called the Decision Coordination Circle, which invites all employees to help make strategic decisions regardless of their roles. The company develops around democratic principles by encouraging team work, self-management and open communication. The result is innovation, resiliency, and a workplace culture people love.

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About Beetroot

Beetroot is a Swedish-Ukrainian IT company. We specialize in creating professional teams of developers and designers, who work on projects for international clients. Beetroot nurtures its own unique culture, based on trust, responsibility, and transparency. The company currently works with 90 clients from different countries, including Sweden, USA, UK, Israel, Finland, etc. Beetroot employs more than 300 people in five Ukrainian cities and has permanent representation in Sweden.

Beetroot doesn’t only love software development, we also love people development. Therefore, we created Beetroot Academy, a modern school that educates people and helps them find jobs in the IT sphere.  

About WorldBlu

Founded in 1997, WorldBlu is a global academy and community of organizations committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace.


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