Telecare & Patient Monitoring Platform


The client needed to develop an app for caregivers to monitor the well-being of elderly patients. Beetroot built an MVP of a mobile application for a telecare and patient monitoring platform and has since provided ad hoc maintenance.

  • .Net
  • Azure services
  • Flutter
  • PostgreSQL


  • Client Background

    Our client is a UK-based company specializing in providing telecare services. Additionally, they offer call-handling solutions and collaborate with retirement housing providers or establish individual careline contracts with elderly patients. Initially non-technical, the company has since developed a tech edge with a proprietary product ecosystem and back-end. Despite having a team of developers, our client’s in-house technical expertise remained limited.

  • Cooperation Recap

    • The client needed to develop an app for caregivers to monitor the well-being of elderly patients. That involved monitoring their condition through various means: either by activating an SOS button, which would notify the caregiver when a person felt unwell, or by automatically contacting emergency services.
    • They developed a back-end system to collect and store data from IoT devices installed in homes and housing facilities, track the overall health status and condition of elderly patients, and visualize data in the app.
    • Beetroot helped realize this project by fine-tuning the back end, developing an app MVP, and building integration with the existing ecosystem.


Beetroot facilitated the implementation of this project using the Flutter platform and framework for mobile applications, along with .NET for the back-end. The system integrated with the client’s existing ecosystem, and the development team incorporated webhooks to accommodate two-way communications.

We selected .NET for the back-end part because of its fit for the client’s ecosystem, great support for Azure services through readily available libraries, and our team’s expertise with the technology. PostgreSQL was chosen as the database management system (DBMS)—a practical selection well-suited for cases involving relational design.

Flutter was selected as the primary framework for mobile applications because it provides visually pleasing UI and seamless UX with minimal effort for developers. It offers most of the necessary capabilities for day-to-day development (as parts of the framework itself), unlike many native or React Native projects that often rely on numerous external dependencies. Moreover, Flutter’s versatility to extend to web and desktop aligns well with Beetroot’s expertise and allows for efficient preparation upfront within a short timeframe.


The dev team, consisting of two developers, built an MVP of the application. Despite some initial complications, Beetroot completed the main project phase (fine-tuning the client’s back-end and the initial stages of the mobile app development) and has provided ad hoc maintenance upon the client’s request with plans to renew cooperation.

What our experts say

  • Working on the Telecare & Patient Monitoring Platform, we faced the challenge of changing our plan based on what users told us they needed. Our team quickly adapted, ensuring we could provide the best care for elderly patients. This project was more than just a job; it was about making a real difference in people’s lives by responding to feedback and improving healthcare.

    Mykyta Tkachov,
    Chief Delivery Officer, Beetroot

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